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Top Tips for Planning Your Holiday to Ireland 2018

Date: 29th January 2018



With Ireland making it to 5th place on the Lonely Planet’s ‘Best in Travel 2015’ guide it is sure to be a popular destination for travellers in 2015. The Zephyr Lodge team have put together our top tips for planning your holiday to Ireland in 2015.


Book Ahead

Yes, you will not be able to get last minute bargains this way. But you will also be safe from sudden price increases and you will be able to budget better once the costs for flights, accommodation and a rental car are out of the wa


Bring a rain jacket, some warm and clothes… and sunglasses!!

Irish weather is a mystery. It’s just unpredictable. You could have all four seasons making an appearance in the space of a day so we’d recommend leaving the bikini at home and packing your rain jacket as well as your sunglasses


Stick to one or two counties

Don’t try to see the entire country in a week. Pick a couple of places and really explore! Ireland is a small country in size, but that doesn’t take away from the fact there is something to see or do in every county so if you plan on taking on Ireland in one trip, think again. Depending on the amount of time you have, it’s usually best to stick to one or two regions. If flying into Dublin, people tend to stay one or two nights in the city and venture out for a few days of discovery. This is a great way as it takes in both city and rural Ireland in one trip. But no matter where you choose to visit, there are always amazing attractions on your way. If you decide to take a trip west you have the Wild Atlantic Way, a coastline of 2,500 km to discover, but make sure to choose your route ahead of time as it would be impossible to fit everything in in one journey


Don’t forget your travel adapter

If you’re travelling from the Americas, mainland Europe or Asia, you’ll want to bring a travel adapter for your devices. There’s nothing worse than arriving at your destination ready to take thousands of photos with a camera with no battery. But don’t worry if you have forgotten it, most chemists in Ireland sell them


Choosing the right accommodation for you

There are so many alternative types of accommodation available today so it’s wise to choose the most suitable accommodation for your journey. If you are coming to Ireland on a holiday then a B&B is the perfect option. B&B hosts provide helpful information on where to visit in the area, the most popular attractions and hidden gems and even recommend the best places for dining and entertainment.


Give yourself time to explore

Add at least a 1/3 more time to travel estimates between point A and point B. The roads are small. There will be many stops between for pictures. And you may enjoy a wrong turn or two. No worries though–You are in Ireland!


Once you have arrived in Ireland be sure to

Reach out to the locals—they have the best advice and ways on how to see the real Ireland. Seek out hidden gems beyond the regular tourist spots. Don’t know where to start? Just ask your B&B owner. They will know where to go

Get lost. 🙂 No really, taking a wrong turn in Ireland can lead to some of the best undiscovered small towns. It also gives you an excuse to stop to talk to the locals for directions or advice.

Learn a bit o’ Irish before you leave! It’s always fun to say Sláinte (Slan-cha): at a pub and see the reaction you will get.

Bring a good pair of walking shoes. The countryside and walks around Ireland are amazing and worth an exploration.

Relax.  No matter what. Above all else. Even if something doesn’t go as planned. Relax. Enjoy yourself, because you are on holidays.  Happy holidays.

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